Why Do I Focus on Dog Photography???? 

Well let's start with how I got into photography in general...   About 10 yrs or so ago, I had an awesome opportunity to travel in Europe. It was amazing!!!   EXCEPT, when I got home, I was so disappointed because my photos were terrible. They simply didn't reflect the beauty that I saw with my eyes. This was the point where I decided to start studying and investing in photography. I wanted the images that I created to be as beautiful as what I remembered in my mind. 

When I say studying and investing, that's sort of an understatement.   There's so much that goes into photography at the professional level. It's been one of the greatest and most challenging journeys of my life.  As an active member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), I earned my CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) certificate in 2017 for demonstrating exceptional technical skills through both testing and portfolio work.   Through 2016 & 2017 I have also earned 8 awards at the PPA International Photographic Competition for both creative and technical skill. Last year it was a huge honor to have one of my dog images be awarded as a Top 10 Pet/Animal Image in the International Photographic Competition.   Wowza!!!!!

So back to Why Dogs???...   It's simple.  I'm a photographer and I LOVE DOGS!!!   

The ability to capture a dog's unique personality in a creative way that can be displayed in my client's home is my goal. 

I was blessed to be able to grow up with multiple dogs who have each had their own place in my heart.  Through adulthood, I've had the joy of bringing 5 chocolate labs into my home.  The portraits of my dogs are among my very favorite things and I love to display them as art in our home.